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Practical Information for visiting Bangkok

When visiting a new area, it is always sensible to do your research prior to travelling. On this page, you'll find some useful information and links to help you be as prepared as possible for your holiday or business trip.

Lumpini Park
Be Healthy on Holiday!

We all know a great natural diet and healthy lifestyle cannot be beaten. Following this type of regime may not always be that easy however, especially when on holiday. Foreign or in-flight meals may not agree with everybody, jet lag, lack of fluids, tiredness, being cramped and in close proximity to crowds and queues can expose you to a greater degree of viruses and bacteria, which your immune system may find it hard to repel. How many of us have come back from holidays with colds?

We have compiled a range of easy to pack products that “fill the travel health gap” which may assist you in maintaining your system in tip top condition. These products are from leading manufacturers and supported by some of the UK’s leading Nutritionists. These products are the highest quality and all have references and advice associated with them.

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Thai Language.

There are four main Thai languages spoken in Thailand (Central Thai, Southern Thai, Northeastern Thai (the same language is used in Laos) and Northern Thai, but the language refered to as Standard Thai is close to Central Thai. Being in Bangkok you might notice that Bangkokians skip the "r" in words like the polite ending "khrap". Learning Thai as a "farang" is not really easy, but the Thai people really appreciate if you make an effort.

If you want to learn basic words and sentences buy a Thai language course which is available in every book shop selling English language books. Thai is a very complicated language to learn with a unique alphabet to make it even more difficult. To master a few words is not difficult however and will be greatly appreciated by the locals.

Internet Cafes.

Bangkok has thousands of cybercafes all over the city. In the tourist areas around Silom, Sukhumvit and Khaosan Road are numerous enough that you need not map them out ahead of time, you can walk down the street and find one in minutes, if not seconds. A walk outside might not even be necessary, many tourist accommodations offer email services on premise and some provide a few minutes of access a day for free to guest. For those of you travelling with a laptop, wireless hotspots are widely available, some for free, others for a fee.

Many upscale hotels offer in-room wireless services (again, usually for a fee). Outside of the main tourist areas there are many Internet cafes which cater to the locals, to locate one, look for a place where there is heavy foot traffic and you will, most likely, find one. Internet cafes in the tourist areas generally charge 0.5 to 3 baht per minute. If you are planning to do a quick email check, beware many have a "minimum charge" that is equivalent to about 10 minutes of use.

Useful Contact Information.

Emergency Phone Numbers:

Police: 191    Ambulance: 191    Fire: 199


Address: Samitivej Hospital, 133 Sukhumvit 49, Bangkok
Tel: +66 (0) 2711 8000


Address: Lumpini Police Station, 139 Wireless Road, Pratunam, Bangkok
Tel: +66 (0) 255 5993-7

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